“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by you standing in your own sunshine.  The only thing standing between you and your dream is your belief that it is possible and your willingness to go after it”

When I was considerpossibilitiesring becoming a Life Coach, I sought guidance from my Life Coach.  He recommended that I do research on Positive Psychology, and leading coaches in the field.  One coach in particular that he recommended was Valorie Burton.  While researching various coaches and certification programs, I pretty much narrowed it down to CPEC (Certification in Personal and Executive Coaching), which was founded by Valorie Burton.  As I sat staring at the initial training requirement for her program (over $1,000 investment), and contemplated pushing the submit button, I sought guidance once again from my Coach.   He said, “Don’t push send.  Answer some questions for me and get back to me first.”  I did what he requested, and after he reviewed all of my answers, and added suggestions to each, he said, “You are so ready! “  That meant the world to me and gave me that extra confidence needed to invest in my dream.  He also had some follow up comments, and asked the following questions specific to Valorie Burton:

“How did she respond when you contacted her directly?

  • When you asked her specific questions about her program?
  • When you asked for the opportunity to have 15 minutes of her precious time over a cup of coffee…
  • When you made clear your intentions of working for her and growing with her?
  • When you shared your idea for your book and made clear your intentions of completing her program and asking for her mentoring in not only coaching but publishing?

How’d all that go?​”

I was overwhelmed with this line of questioning, because I never entertained the thought of actually reaching out to Valorie Burton, but now the seed was planted, and I became consumed with the prospect of at least talking to her.  I stalked her on FACEBOOK, I emailed her assistant, and I tried everything I knew to try and get a few minutes of her time to no avail.  One week, I was having a particularly tough time personally and professionally, and I just asked God to make something…anything happen.  I was open for any sign, and I know when I ask God to give me a sign, it always comes.  When Friday came, and there was no movement or sign anywhere, I figured I would say the same prayer for the next week. However, before 12 midnight, I received an email from Valorie Burton (well actually it was from her people…LOL) saying she would be hosting a free LIVE teleseminar on that following Monday.  I thought, WOW, thank you God, this is my chance to talk to her.  I was so excited.  The call was an hour long and I was ready and on the call early.  The call was so informative, and she opened it up for callers.  My heart beat like crazy, and I opened my mouth to be the first caller, and nothing came out.  I froze!  She started speaking to the caller that actually had the nerve to speak to her, and I sat there kicking myself…literally!  I then decided I would be the next to speak. I can do this!  When she asked for the next caller, my phone would not un-mute and she could not hear me.  I was so frustrated, because I finally got the courage to say something and I was having technical difficulties.  I texted my coach and told him what was happening, and he said,”DON”T GIVE UP!”  As the hour was coming to an end I tried everything I could to be heard, and when she said I have time for one more caller, I said pitifully, “Can you hear me?”, and she said yes, “who is this”.  I was so excited, that I spoke a mile a minute!  I said, “This is Alicia from Atlanta, I am signed up for your Coach Intensive Course.  I look forward to meeting you, and one day I want to work for you as one of your coaches”.  She chuckled and said, “I love your enthusiasm! I look forward to meeting you too Alicia”.  I was tickled pink with myself.  You might be wondering why?  I stepped out of my comfort zone, overcame my fear, and I boldly told her what I desired for myself.  Whether it happened like that or not didn’t matter.  I proclaimed what I wanted and what I believed I could achieve. I GOT OFF THE PORCH!

Me and ValSince that initial phone call, I’ve met Valorie Burton in person.  I even bumped her car door with mine at Panera (not knowing it was her until she later reached out to me to ask if it was me).  EMBARRASSED, but I don’t believe in coincidences.  Our paths were suppose to cross, and I don’t even completely know why, but I know we were suppose to be a part of each other’s journey. In one year; I’ve completed her coaching certification program, attended her live workshop, volunteered with her company, and launched my own Coaching Practice.  I even had lunch with her and another one of my instructors, which was quite surreal.

Why is this story important?  It’s important because when you choose to live intentionally, knowing your worth, and pursuing your dreams, the universe will open up and meet you where you are.  There was a time when I would never have even dreamed of starting my own business, writing my own book, and seeking guidance and mentoring from someone as established as Valorie Burton, but as she says in one of my favorite books by her, “Why Not You”…I now live my life saying, “Why Not ME?”

My Take Aways:

  • Fulfilling your dream starts with one action!
  • The best coaches need a great coach!
  • When you are open to learn and grow, the signs and affirmations come frequently!
  • The possibilities are endless…

My Challenge for you:

  • What dream do you have that is not yet fulfilled?
  • Take one step to either figuring out what the dream is, or one step to making it come true. One step will lead to another, and another.
  • Get a Coach, support group, or someone you know to help guide and challenge you through the process. The possibilities are endless!