Happy New Year!  I’ve missed you!  Thank you for taking a moment to read my year in review…

As I entered 2023, I decided my word for the year would be “Manifest”.  I’ve never chosen such a monumental word, and I really had no vision of what I wanted to manifest.  I went into the year surrendering to the lessons and wisdom of the past decades, and was open to whatever the universe had in store for me.  And wow….what a year it has been.  

The year started with tragedy in January 2023 when a loved one was killed at only age 16.  It was devastating to lose someone so young, and supporting my friends through the loss of such a beautiful soul was another reminder of how short life is, and that everyday we get the chance to “manifest” connection and love.  

In February, I headed to Atlanta to support my son who was a presenter at the Candle in the Dark Gala.  What a monumental night for him, and a turning point for me in my own healing journey.  It forced me to be in a place that reminded me of how lost and in pain I was at one time.  It showed me that just because you still feel pain, it does not mean that you have not healed.  Sometimes it is those moments that “manifest” your growth and your power, and that it did for me.

In March, I headed to Guatemala for a girls trip with my daughters.  It was wonderful and magical to explore a different country, and go on fun adventures.  No major lessons, or breakthroughs, just deep gratitude for the connection and memories that I get to “manifest” with my girls.

Soon after returning from Guatemala, I headed on another adventurous sister trip to Dubai. We experienced everything possible in Dubai.  It was wonderful to be open to another culture, religion, and way of life.  I learned a lot about Islam and how beautiful the religion is, and it “manifested” in me a desire to dive deeper into my own spiritual exploration.

In May, my family headed back to Atlanta to celebrate my son’s graduation from Morehouse College.  Choosing to end my marriage was the hardest decision of my life, and not knowing how we would land was the most terrifying.  My prayer was always that we would “manifest” a space of healing that celebrated the family we created.  One that even though my husband and I aren’t together as a couple, we could come together in love as a family.  My son’s graduation weekend was magical and we were one.  My heart is still full.  Our family is not normal, or traditional, but it is US.  

In June, I went on a solo trip to Rythmia in Costa Rica, and experienced a life changing healing experience.  I can’t even give words to what opened up for me, but I am seeing myself in ways I never thought possible, and I am seeing my family embrace healing in ways I never thought imaginable.  I will leave that right here, and continue to be open to see and experience what continues to “manifest”

In July, I headed to San Francisco to get my son settled in his new life on the West Coast. The connection I have with all of my children is my greatest gift, and letting them go, though challenging, is also what I am most proud of.  We have raised strong, conscious, brave, passionate, loving, and caring humans.  Witnessing what they are creating for themselves in the world fills my heart with pride and admiration.  I miss him desperately, and navigating our relationship as he discovers who he is as a man is challenging, but I am so excited to see what manifests for him and for us!

August I was back in Atlanta to get my baby girl settled for her 2nd year at UGA.  She overcame so much in 2022, and seeing her ready to embrace college with her health intact felt amazing.  At this point, I was exhausted, and headed to Jamaica for a week to just pamper myself, rest, refuel, and prepare to finish the year strong.  In Jamaica, I “manifested” time to just be…

In September, I “manifested” companionship, and decided to rescue the cutest Pit Mix pup. He needed me, and I needed him.  In October, I headed to LA for a work onsite, and I was reminded again how much I love what I get to do everyday.  Working remote is great, but human connection is necessary at times to “manifest” the vision and goals for the mission we are all committed to.  November, I went to NJ to see my little sister and her family and we “manifested” priceless memories.

I ended the year with a trip to San Francisco to see my new grand-pup and spend one on one time with my son.  He has no idea how precious this time was to me.  “Manifesting” our adult connection is a gift, period!

As I reflect on the year and all that manifested, I can honestly say that the time I got to spend with myself, connecting with friends and coworkers, creating memories with my family and friends, reconnecting with old friends, experiencing new adventures with new friends, and being present for it all is what allowed so much beauty to “manifest”.  

My word for 2024 is Untethered.  My joy, my happiness, my peace, my pain, my sorrow is not tethered to anyone or anything.  My intention is to experience life fully and be untethered to the outcome, because no matter what happens, I am good, I am growing, and I am enough. What is your word for 2024!  I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

Wishing you the best in the new year and beyond!