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Getting Off the Porch is the personal journey of Alicia Booker, who appeared to have it all, yet found herself slowly fading into the background of her own life. In fact, she almost disappeared completely, until an unimaginable incident forced her to peel back the layers of discontent and face her biggest fears. In a moment of clarity, she committed to stop being the victim and instead owned her “stuff”. She discovered the thing keeping her stuck in her marriage, her friendships, as a parent, and in her career was…her! Like so many women, most of Alicia’s life had been spent people pleasing, searching for perfection, and making herself small so no one would leave her-essentially, stuck on the porch. Then it happened. She decided the life she crafted was no longer the life she wanted, and definitely not the life she wanted to model for her children. Instead of continuing to be complacent, she dug deep, confronted the truth, and now helps others live their most authentic life. It is Alicia’s hope that by sharing her Getting Off the Porch journey, others will be inspired to push through their own doubts and fears and embrace their authentic self. She guarantees that you will come through on the other side happier, at peace, and able to face anything that life throws your way!


A sensitive and truly insightful accounting of a young woman’s remarkable journey. This book will demonstrate to you and convince you that your life is truly in your own hands and that peace and happiness are possible for all of us. Touching, inspiring, and truly encouraging. I highly recommend this book.


I bought Getting Off The Porch after hearing Alicia Booker tell her story at a coaching conference. Getting Off The Porch is an honest and authentic look at life. Alicia’s courage to share her story and to use her story to inspire other is amazing! This book has taught me to own my story and to share my story and journey through life with others. Because stories are transformational.


Wow! This book was truly an amazing read! As I went through Alicia’s journey, I found myself reflecting on those moments in my own life where I believe I got “stuck on the porch”. I felt a real connection to the journey she was going through. Getting Off The Porch is an inspiration, a book about owning all of your story, healing, growth, and taking the steps to live an authentic life! 



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