“Feel your emotions, Live true your passions, Keep still your mind.”
Geoffrey M. Gluckman

I recently visited Cancun, Mexico with my sister and two childhood friends.  It was an amazing time and a great escape from the routine for a few days.  Upon returning, I was hit with two major issues dealing with my career and my family.  On top of that I made a commitment to a 90 day workshop where I am accountable for completing five major goals in five major areas of my life.  And on top of that continuing to balance being a working, single mom of three!

I’ve learned to listen to my body.  When I suffer from insomnia (more than usual), feel that nervous feeling in my stomach (anxiety), and over analyze everything (obsessiveness), I know it is time to push the pause button.  Sometimes life flows at a steady manageable pace, and other times it is truly a balancing act.  When those three physical symptoms happen to me, it usually means I am a bit overwhelmed and out of sync, and NO decisions should ever be made in that zone.

Most people do not function well in an overwhelmed state, and I am definitely one of those people.  When I’ve reached 3-4 days of no sleep, loss of appetite, and a racing mind, I know I need to be still.  I need answers that I may not have at the time, so I need an action plan.  When I get like this, there are several things I do to get through it.

  1. Acknowledge that something is off.  Instead of trying to operate like everything is fine, I usually have to stop and listen to my spirit.  When my spirit is uneasy, I allow myself to feel the uneasiness.  Because this is an uncomfortable space for me, I know clarity is just around the corner.  Mostly because I don’t like being uncomfortable.
  2. Make a list. I write down everything that is running through my head.  I then make an action plan for the things on the list that I have control over, and cross them off once resolved. This always makes me feel better.  Just seeing a shorter list relieves some anxiety.
  3. Be Still.  For the things that are left on the list and out of my control to change, I find a space to just be still. In my stillness, I depend on the universe to give me clarity and guidance, and until it comes I just stay put.
  4. Reach out to my support network. Sometimes just being able to process in a safe space with a safe person helps me work through things that seem insurmountable. Just talking and processing through them helps to shrink the power they have over my spirit.

This was one of those weeks where I needed to push pause.  I’m still working through all my tools, but I’ve acknowledged where I am, which is the very first step.

My Takeaways:

  • Life can be overwhelming, but there is nothing you can’t handle when you acknowledge where you are, and make an action plan on where you need to be.
  • Being still does not mean doing nothing. Being still gives you the time to be strategic rather than reactionary.

My Challenge for You:

  • If you are feeling any physical ailments like insomnia and anxiety, do a mental check to see where it is stemming from.
  • Try using the four tools above to get you to a place of clarity and action!