“If I stop to kick every BARKING dog… I am not going to GET where I am GOING.” –Jackie Joyner-Kersee

October 2016 a friend of mine that has followed my work invited me to the I AM Woman Conference in Atlanta.  She had invited me the year before, but scheduling conflicts kept me from going. I was grateful that she remembered to invite me again, and the timing was perfect this go around.  The weekend was powerful, empowering, inspirational, and life changing.  Sylvia High is the owner of Aiming High, and this was my first time being introduced to her work.  The keynote speaker was Liz Murray (Author of Homeless to Harvard), and I was literally brought to uncontrollable tears.  She touched my soul in a way that I can’t even explain.  During the conference, Sylvia offered the attendees a discount for the first level of her personal training workshops.  I was so touched by this weekend, I decided to start January 2017 by doing the Basic Game Changer Training.  I thought, what a great way to start the new year.  I had a lot that I needed to accomplish, and this was the jumpstart that I needed.

So, last October I began a journey that would not only change my life, but that of my friends and family as well.  I’ve since attended all three levels of the personal development series, and have accomplished more than I set out to do, and the year is not even over yet.  The most important lesson I learned through this journey is that though I did it for me, it has affected every personal and professional relationship of my life.  Since attending the first training, I’ve had my husband, daughter, brother, aunt, best friend, nieces and nephews, and a young girl that just touched my heart go through the program.   The breakthroughs have been astounding!  I’m not done yet…I want everyone I know who needs healing, is ready for a breakthrough, and is ready to live a full authentic life to do the training.

So, I set out on a journey to heal my heart and soul, and in the process my family is being healed as well.  My husband and I have been separated for three years, but he trusted me (and my daughter) enough to take a chance on the experience.  Real friendship is now a real possibility for us.  My oldest daughter too decided to do the trainings, and I can sincerely say my family is being healed from the inside out. Truly an added bonus to a journey that I originally thought was only for me.  I have no idea what the future will bring, but one thing I know for sure is that peace, freedom, power, and real joy is available to all of us.

My Take Aways:

  • Trusting the universe and the journey as it unfolds has been liberating for me. These trainings helped me tap into some residual pain that I needed to set free.
  • Each day is a gift, and I don’t take a minute for granted.

My Challenge for You:

  • Join me at the I am Woman Conference in October http://www.aiminghighinc.com/shop/product/i-am-woman/ . I promise you it will be a life changing experience.
  • Whether or not you are able to attend a conference or training, do something, read something, or watch something that can feed your soul and help you heal and grow.