“Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency” -Maya Angelou

I’ve begun to live my life very intentionally.  No more new year’s resolutions!  Instead, now, I decide intentionally the things that I want most to materialize in my life.  In 2017, I set four intentions that I had no idea how I would accomplish, but what was clear is that I wanted my life to change, and I needed the universe to know how serious I was about having the life I was destined to live.  All four intentions came to be in 2017!  I won’t go into all four, but two in particular are worth mentioning.

The first was for my career.  I wrote, “I want to leave my current job, and live fully in my purpose as a life coach, speaker, and author while being able to support my family.  I honestly had no idea how this would happen, but what I knew was that I am a great trained coach, and I had faith that this is my calling and purpose.  June 2017, I got a call from a mentor and friend about an opportunity at Keller Williams as one of their MAPS Coaches.  It seemed like an awesome opportunity, but I have no real estate background, so I wasn’t sure if it would pan out.  During this time, I had also applied to be a coach for Tony Robbins and after several months of following up, I got a call that I was chosen to be interviewed.  So now I had two very good opportunities with great potential.  Both interviews went extremely well, but both opportunities had a very intense application process.  Ultimately, I chose to pursue the Keller Williams opportunity, and was notified after Thanksgiving that I was chosen to be a MAPS coach.  On January 3, I will start the journey and will be coaching for Keller Williams.

The second intention was to complete and publish my first book, and well by now you all know I did that!  I finished writing it earlier this year, but was not sure how I would go about publishing it!  After attending a conference in October, I was introduced to an amazing publisher, and together we were able to complete the project and it is now being sold on my website www.gettingofftheporch.com/shop, Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and Itunes/books.com!

Why am I sharing this with you?  It is by no means to brag or toot my own horn.  I got clear on what I wanted, I shared that vision with the universe, and I followed every opportunity that was given me with tenacity and vigor.  I will be starting 2018 doing what I love: Coaching with Keller Williams while public speaking, selling my book, and performing workshops with Getting Off the Porch!  The life you want is out there for you too!  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you set your intentions for 2018!

  1. Get clear, be specific, and think BIG and out of the box!
  2. Follow up on every opportunity that presents itself that supports your intentions.
  3. Determine who you need to be to make your dreams a reality (disciplined, persistent, outgoing, etc.)
  4. Take some action everyday (big or small) towards at least one of the intentions on your list.
  5. HAVE FAITH and BE OPEN to receive the signs that the universe is giving you! Opportunity sometimes comes in those rare moments that many people miss.

My takeaways: 

  • Your dream starts with you! Speak it and live it until it just is!
  • You cannot do it alone. Lean on those you love, be who you need to be, and connect with people who see your truth and support your dreams!
  • Never, ever, give up! Lincoln failed and lost elections year after year after year, and had he given up he would never had been our president.  Sometimes failure is what leads us to our greatest accomplishments!

My Challenge for you:

  • What are your intentions for your life? Do you have any?  Get clear and list your intentions clearly and boldly!
  • Know your why? Why are these intentions important to you?  Once you know your why, it will fuel your desires even more!  You got this!  Your best life is waiting for you!  BE BRAVE!