Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. -unknown

This time last year I was feeling very restless in my life.   Two weeks before my 47th birthday I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable.  In some ways, I felt like I was back on that porch again.  However, this time, I think it was a much needed refuge to allow myself time to figure some things out.  One of my best friends and I always get together for our birthdays.  This time, we went to get coffee after pedicures, and I began to express to her the unsettled feelings that were beginning to consume my spirit.  Yes, I had come so far in my journey, but there was still so much to navigate, and I was feeling stagnant.  She expressed a similar sentiment, so we decided to develop some clear intentions for the next year, and set a date to meet one year later.

As my 47th year began, I sent those intentions to three of my closest accountability partners, and made a commitment to myself to have clarity in each of the areas listed before my next birthday get together.  These four intentions have stayed in my heart and spirit daily for the last year.  In fact, in January, I knew I needed a little help to get the clarity I desired, so I signed up for a series of coach trainings that really pushed me to look inward to find what was really blocking me from getting the clarity I desired.  I needed courage to push through the barriers, and I was ready to do the work!  Now that my 47th year of life is coming to an end, I can honestly say, I am no longer restless, or in need of that refuge on the porch.  I gained the courage to fight for the peace I’d been searching for.  I realized it was right there inside of me the whole time, I was just not ready to seize it.  I needed clarity in all of the areas on my intention list, and the answers began to come as I pulled back the layers of my discontent.  My list consisted of two relationships that were not where I needed them to be, my manuscript, and my career.  As I approach my 48th birthday on May 26, this is what I’ve discovered on my journey to peace:

  1. In the first relationship, I gained so much by accepting it as it is in all its imperfection, and could now really appreciate the beauty that still remains…
  2. In the second relationship, I realized I was holding on to old feelings of unworthiness, guilt, and shame, and in releasing myself from the relationship, I can now fully live in my truth, which will allow me to experience life without limits.
  3. I finished my manuscript and have begun the process of editing and publishing! WOW!  I DID THAT!
  4. I’ve gained several new clients that are ready to get off the porch, and my vision for my business has become clearer and much more attainable than I ever imagined.

The journey of our life has many twists and turns.  Sometimes we must go down familiar roads until we get the wisdom to try a new path.  I am now ready and prepared to choose a road that I’ve never traveled, and though I can’t see all the steps in front of me or how I will navigate this new road, I know without a doubt I am ready and I am enough!

My Takeaways: 

  • “You will know when you are ready” These words have become the foundation of my life. When I am still, and listen deeply to my spirit, the answers always come.
  • Take the time you need to gain clarity so that when decisions need to be made, you can make them with no regrets, and without looking back.

My Challenge for you:

  • Are you restless in your life? Do you know you need clarity before you can move forward?  Identify clear intentions around the items of your life that are causing discomfort or lack of movement.  Type them out and put them somewhere you can see them.  Send them to at least one other person that can hold you accountable to your heart’s desire, and be intentional on gaining clarity on your next steps.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek help.  I needed help to get past myself! I would love to be the coach that helps you break those barriers in your life!  Take the leap and sign up for my next Group Coaching Experience.  Treat yourself to the peace and clarity that you’ve been searching for. You won’t regret it! There are only 4 seats left, and less than three weeks before we begin. Sign up now!